Best Black Friday deals on Pixel phones, smart speakers and other Google products

The Black Friday deals are coming in left, right, and center. And if you’ve been planning to splurge on some of Google’s own smartphones and a few smart home appliances such as thermostats, WiFi routers, or even smart displays, you’re in luck. We’ve compiled a list of the best Black Friday deals on Pixel smartphones and other Google products that should be on your shopping list this festive season. Let’s get straight to it: 

1. Pixel 5

Pixel 5 is Google’s latest smartphone, but this one avoids the flagship price tag by opting for a mid-range processor while retaining the signature software experience and some great cameras. Talking about cameras, Google has finally added an ultra-wide camera to its smartphone and the results it produces have been acclaimed widely.

    Google Pixel 5
      Originally launched for an asking price of $699, Best Buy is currently selling the Pixel 5 at $100 discount, bringing the price down to $599.99 with instant activation for an unlocked unit. Even if you choose to activate later, the Pixel 5 can be yours at a discounted price of $650 only.

    2. Pixel 4a

    Looking for a great budget phone? The Pixel 4a might be the best option out there right now. From my own experience, I can tell you that this phone has a great build quality, a compact form factor, a beautiful OLED display, squeaky clean software, and unbelievably good cameras. Believe me when I say this, “Just buy it!”

      Google Pixel 4a
        The Pixel 4a made its debut carrying a price tag of $349, which was already great for what it offers. But thanks to the Black Friday discount, Best Buy has shaved $50 off its price and is selling it at $299 with same day activation. This one is a thoroughly good deal!

      3. Google Nest WiFi Router 2 Pack

      The second-generation Google Nest Wi-Fi router covers an area of 4400 square feet with a pack of two units and can handle up to 200 connected devices at once. You can count on it to support multiple 4K streams without a hitch. It seamlessly shifts connectivity from one unit to another as you walk into another room for a smooth network transition and is quite easy to set up.

        Google Nest WiFi Router 2 Pack
          A pack of two Nest Wi-Fi routers usually goes for $299, but right now, you can get your hands on the bundle at an almost 30% price cut, bringing the effective price down to just $219. If you're into Google's product ecosystem, you should check this deal out.

        4. Google Nest Mini (2nd Generation)

        The second-generation Nest Mini is a neat smart device to have on your study table or living room. It supports a wide range of music streaming services and can serve as a smart device control hub as well. The design is easy on the eyes and it doesn’t sound half-bad either. At its current price of just $19, it is an irresistible deal right now.

          Google Nest Mini
            The second-generation Nest Mini smart speaker usually goes for $49.99, but you can purchase it for a lowly sum of just $18.99 at Best Buy. At that price, there is little reason to not snag this device as part of your Black Friday shopping spree.

          5. Google Nest Hub

          Looking to dip your toes in the world of smart displays, but don’t know where to start without spending a fortune? The Google Nest Hub, with a sweet 45% Black Friday discount, is the best option right now. The 7-inch display is great for checking your calendar, navigation information, controlling smart home devices, calling friends, and even using it as a personalized album.

            Google Nest Hub
              The Google Nest Hub smart display has a regular street price of $90, but you can currently purchase it on Best Buy for just $49.99 as part of the Black Friday deals fest. And hey, pick the chalk color option as it looks really cool.

            6. Google Home Max

            Want a smart speaker that can deliver the smarts of Google Assistant, but can also double as a proper speaker to enjoy music and movies? If your answer is yes, the Google Home Max is the speaker you should bring home. And before you ask, it packs two high fidelity 4.5-inch woofers and a pair of tweeters to deliver an immersive experience. You can also set it up as part of a multi-room audio setup as well.

              Google Home Max
                On a normal day, the Google Home Max will set you back by the $300, but thanks to the Black Friday festive discounts, you can get your hands on it at a sweet 50% discount, bringing the price down to just $149.99 at the time of writing this.

              7. Stadia Premiere Edition

              Stadia now has a great selection of games, and the library just keeps on expanding. If you’ve been waiting to try cloud-based game streaming, Stadia is the best option right now, with a tonne of offers and incentives at the moment. The best part? You can play all the AAA games on your tablet, Chromebook or PC without having to worry about hardware specifications. The Google Stadia Premiere Edition bundle includes the Google Chromecast Ultra, a power adapter with integrated cable, Stadia Controller and a USB C to USB A cable.

                Google Stadia Premiere Edition Bundle
                  The Stadia Premiere Edition bundle is usually up for grabs at $99.99, but you can currently get it for just $74.99 from Best Buy. At that price, Stadia offers a really economical way to enjoy games without spending hundreds of dollars on a console or PC.

                You can check more Black Friday discounts on Google products here.

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